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CustomTech is a new line of surface preparation products for all types of floor coverings. CustomTech is manufactured by Custom Building Products; the leader in ceramic tile installation products.

Surface Preparation

Sand blasting is not always required. In most installations, just sweep, prime, and pour.

Yes, there is a CustomTech system warranty available. A qualifying system must contain priming and leveling products. Patching and moisture control products are included when applicable. Visit the warranty page for more information.


TechPrime A is a universal primer that works well on both porous and non-porous surfaces. TechPrime E offers the highest performance strength. TechPrime WE provides the durability of an epoxy primer in a water-based product.

Moisture Control

TechMVC should be used any time the moisture emmission rate of the concrete exceeds the recommendation of the floor covering or floor covering adhesive manufacturer (typically greater than 5 pounds).


Silk allows for patching up to 1.5" and GenPatch allows for patching up to 2".

Additives are not needed for either product.

Silk may be used to fill embossed vinyl flooring; additives will not be needed.


You can either apply one layer of TechLevel XP-1 or two layers of TechLevel 150.

Neither leveler is rated as a wear surface, but TechLevel XP-1 can handle open construction traffic before floor coverings are applied.

TechLevel XP-1 is formulated for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

Both TechLevel 150 and TechLevel XP-1 are formulated with crack-resistant properties.